Catherine Marie from Stouffville

I have always had a love for making people feel welcome and meeting people where they are at. 

I am a single mother of my incredible 23 year old, I work Full Time in the sales industry but my passion and love of life now comes from #mytribe. 

When I first meet Antonietta my life had changed forever, being an active member of WW Stouffville where I came to remind myself at my age life is too short, no matter where we are on our journey we must take care of ourselves mind, body and spirit. 

When I first started Antonietta's classes, I loved every second of it, the music, the "you do you" fitness mentality but most importantly the community it built. I have proven to myself that you are capable when you believe in yourself, mind, body and spirit. My experiences comes from 10+ years of first aid trainer with CNSP and currently ASFA group fitness certified. 

You can find me moving and singing on Wednesday nights in Stouffville.  

Lisa from Waterloo

I first met Antoinetta in May 2019 and fell in love with her high energy and her spirit. I was looking for a new life path and decided I needed to be helping her reach more people. I wanted to get moving, love life and help others do the same.

I am excited about the future and being able to share the love of abotti.